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Welcome to Adventurotica, [personal profile] naamah_darling's fiction journal, co-authored by [profile] sargon999. Here we post novels and novellas in serial form, and the occasional stand-alone piece. Some of it is old, some new. All of it is Adventurotica.

What is Adventurotica?

Exactly what it sounds like! It's punchy, action-packed, plot-heavy erotica featuring voluptuous vigilantes, sexy superheroes, wild witches, lustful lycanthropes . . . you get the drift.

It's pulp adventure that doesn't cut away when it gets to the good parts. It's gritty urban fantasy with technicolor sex AND violence. It's horror that's not afraid to get dark, and doesn't fade to black. It's fantasy with REALLY happy endings. In Adventurotica, everyone comes and anything goes!

We firmly believe that readers want smart, funny, sexy writing, great characters, hard-hitting action, high drama, and lots and lots of no-holds barred sex, and we believe they should get it . . . good and hard.

We also believe that readers are flexible and open-minded enough to appreciate het, bi, and gay sex in the same narrative. Some stories might feature a single sexual orientation, but we strive for variety in our longer work. We don't want to stifle our authors or their characters!

Our narratives are sex-positive and feature strong female characters. Strong male characters, too, but we're especially proud of the girls.

We're a perverted and shameless bunch, so you can expect to see kink and BDSM themes in most of our work, sometimes just a little, sometimes a lot. While we believe that in real life safe, sane, and especially consensual is the only way to go, we don't hesitate to include ravishment, non-con, coercion, and risky sexual practices . . . Adventurotica is fantasy! And what's more adventurous and erotic than pushing limits?

If you're concerned about coming across content that doesn't appeal to you, read the full descriptions carefully, and refer to the tags. We try to note when the content might be disturbing to some readers, and in what way.

What's the current project?

Witches' Mark

When Stormy inherits responsibility for her grandmother's magical estate, she also inherits an ancient rivalry. Stormy's a witch, but has never been trained, and now she must face her grandmother's murderer, a man allied with a destructive power so ancient it doesn't even have a name. With only a groundskeeper, a bookseller, and a couple of unreliable teenagers for help, she must defeat the charismatic and seductive Thomas Winter, who is bent on having the secrets of Willowsong Hall, as well as Stormy herself. Prepare for sex magic, double-crosses, dark secrets, and sexy sacrifices as Stormy tries to resist the power of the Witches' Mark!

Doesn't that sound like fun?

Because the novels are serialized, and written as I go along, errors creep in. I know this, and I really, really appreciate it when people point out typos or inconsistencies (that blasted third hand turns up everywhere).

Blatant flames or attacks will get you banned. I won't even make fun of you first.

All content on Fever Dreams is copyright Amanda Gannon and Paul Batteiger, strictly enforced by a very large and very crazy werewolf who enjoys inflicting pain, and a Viking who would love to know if you are flammable.

If you're having fun, consider a contribution to feed the pornographer and her pussycats.
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